Medical Scanning & Transcription

Medical Scanning

Backing up your practice’s receipts, claims that were submitted to patients, and other forms is important in the event the originals are lost. We provide flexibility for our clients by providing scanners to their offices so the medical scanners can be done in house, or we are able to provide the scanning services from our offices. Your medical billing claims, payments, explanation of benefits, and receipts are standard documents we are able to scan. However, if there are additional documents that need to be scanned, we are able to accommodate that as well.

Medical Transcription

We guarantee client satisfaction by representing the patient history as dictated by the physician. Our medical transcriptionists are highly trained in understanding the importance of accurate and timely documentation who are also skilled in finding errors and correcting them.

Because they are trained in understanding medical terminology, they can see potential problems that traditional software programs don’t have the capability to. We are able to offer customized solution for your practice as we understand each practice has different needs. Not only do we make sure the transcriptions are accurate, we make sure they are completed in a timely manner so that insurance companies can process the claims more quickly.

We are able to integrate with any EHR service, guaranteeing that the patient charts contain the correct medical data. Our healthcare professionals simply dictate after seeing their patient or after performing a procedure and our team of medical transcriptionists transcribe the oral history through our speech recognition software. We also recognize that documentation for healthcare providers must comply with government regulations as well as a requirement in their medical billing.