Staffing, Personnel, Training and Development

Staffing and Personnel

Recruitment, Retention, Assessment, Counseling, Placement on Permanent, Temporary, Full or Part Time basis. Clinical, Billing and Administrative staff are screened and tested by our expert recruiters.

Training and Development

Fine tune your practice and train your staff on office procedures: front desk, telephone etiquette, patient flow, paper processes, and many office procedures. Customer service is critical in our changing healthcare environments; be sure your staff is knowledgeable and trained to offer caring and professional service.

If you are seeking staff for your medical practice please sign up today or complete a contact form and let us do the work for you.

Office Staffing Solutions

Source One Medical Management works with groups to assist with day to day management of practices and has a team of healthcare recruiters that work to help providers with the continual need to find experienced healthcare professionals. The Source One Medical Management team offers experienced managers to help practices develop protocols, procedures and streamline efficiencies.

As your organization continues to grow, or turnover occurs, you will inevitably be tasked with finding new staff to join your team to fill positions including:

  • Front office staff
  • Office managers
  • Medical assistants
  • Nurses
  • Coders
  • Physicians
  • Therapists

They will need to be trained to ensure that the front desk is covered effectively, that telephone etiquette is superior, that patient flow is timely, and that paperwork is completed accurately. Searching for qualified candidates, the interview process, and finally training new employee is time-consuming and takes away from performing your core task of treating patients.

By working with our team of experienced recruiting professionals, your organization benefits directly:

It eliminates employers from absorbing the associated risks with hiring a new employee.

This prevents a decrease in office productivity while the new hire(s) are recruited and trained.

We have a  99% placement retention rate

We have this retention rate because we are in the business of hiring, placing, and training healthcare professionals specifically. We have the experience in identifying core competencies and skill sets necessary for this industry that general recruiters do not.

Our streamlined process is the most effective in the industry. We perform the following steps for each client:

  1. Initial Discussion- We work with the client to determine the necessary candidate qualifications for each position.
  2. Candidate search- Source1 maintains an extensive database of potential candidates for various medical professions.
  3. Potential Candidate Match- Our professional recruiters match the skill set agreed upon from the initial discussion with a series of candidates
  4. Interviews/References- Souce1’s recruiters perform a thorough job screening to match the most appropriate candidate based on their skills, qualifications, and interpersonal skills
  5. A final candidate is selected, trained, and placed in the chosen position for a 90 day trial period.

While the temporary hires are under a 90 day trial period, employers are exempt from paying the following:

  • Payroll tax
  • Benefits expenses
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Workers comp
  • Overtime


We all provide the following services for each candidate:

  • OSHA testing
  • Background checks
  • Certified drug testing
  • DOT rules